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Southside Church of Christ - Grenada, Mississippi
ppfd01aad5.png Youth!

Our young people are important.  The earlier in life a person makes a connection with the Lord Jesus Christ, the more likely it is they will remain faithful later in life.

We believe young people need to be challenged to face truth found in God’s word, to get special encouragement and guidance, and they need fun activities that help them see how Christians can enjoy life without having to compromise with the world.  Youth Ministry at Southside involves Bible Classes, retreats, trips to Christian colleges and to other congregations hosting youth events, frequent devotional times after Sunday night services, participation in LIFE Groups, Bible Bowl, and other activities.

If you are a young person in our area, or a parent with children, you’ll find our emphasis on spiritual activities a great help and a lot of fun.  By the way, we try to work with all ages, not just teens, so come join in!