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Southside Church of Christ - Grenada, Mississippi

We believe that the Bible gives to men a special role in the body of Christ. That role demands that we develop godly leaders, that we equip men to be the head of their families, and that they distinguish themselves as willing servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Men’s Ministry helps train, equip, motivate, and utilize both the adult males and our young men in our congregation to help them grow spiritually, and to use them to help mature the congregation as a whole. On this page, we highlight a few of the ministries and activities especially for men at Southside.

Life Group

One of our most important ministries, Life Groups are small group meetings that provide every member a connection to others and an opportunity to use their gifts serving one another.  Our men who lead these groups are at the heart of our entire church ministry program.

Leading People to Serve, Heal, Apply, Relate, and Evangelize (S.H.A.R.E)

Plan meaningful, coordinated worship assemblies that encourages and motivates everyone.  Select songs, schedule men to participate, or just get involved in helping carry out the activities of an assembly.  You’ll be blessed and you’ll bless the lives of others as we worship together.

Worshiping On Purpose!