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Southside Church of Christ - Grenada, Mississippi
Praise & Worship Through The Best
Of “A Cappella” Music

Southside is proud of it’s own a cappella singing group.  Our singers have performed at numerous community events, including the Community Thanksgiving Service, the One Nation Under God Program sponsored by the Grenada Exchange Club, and other special occasions.  We also enjoy hearing them when they help produce a unique experience for members and visitors alike at special events right here at Southside.

SSS_PD_Amazing Grace.mp3 Amazing Grace
SSS_PD_The Great Phy - OFFSET.mp3 The Great Physician
SSS_PD_Sweet Beulah Land - OFFSET.mp3 Sweet Beulah Land
SSS_PD_Precious Memories - OFFSET.mp3 Precious Memories
SSS_PD_Precious Lord, Take My Hand - OFFSET.mp3 Precious Lord
SSS_PD_It Is Well.mp3 It is Well
SSS_PD_Farther Along - OFFSET.mp3 Farther Along